“I HAVE ENOUGH BIKES” – Said no one in the history of mankind.

This being the case, the crew at the Hairy Marron, has made it easy for you. Need a bike for yourself, your partner or one of the family? Come down and speak to us and we’ll put you on one of the hire, demo or new bikes to help you work out what you really want in a trusty steed. We can help you work out what size, what discipline of riding and what your budget options are. All this for free! Going for free demo rides you say? Who does that? …Take your partner or kids along as well!

We have two manufactures to choose from, with more to come so watch our website!



No need to explain this one to you. Largest bike company in the world, offering the best value for money, and in recent years have truly come of age with their design and colour schemes to match their cutting edge technology, making even the most diehard bikers give credence.


KONA Bikes

Built by mountain bikers for mountain bikers. A little more expensive than the Giant equivalent but that extra research and development really shines through when you ride these bikes. Konas trail and enduro bikes constantly end up in top tens and hottest 100’s. Curious? Come down and throw a leg over and you’ll see why.



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